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Benefits of a Sunroom Addition

sunroom-additionRoom additions are one of the best ways to add value and function to your home without having to undertake major renovations inside the house. There are many options for room additions, and if you haven’t decided on a specific one yet, we’d like to show you some of the benefits of a sunroom.

A sunroom is usually added onto the side of a house as a supplement to one of the larger living areas, such as a living room or family room. They have glass on three sides (and often the roof) to allow in the most light, and are typically used to enhance enjoyment of the house rather than add on more facilities.

Why should you consider a sunroom for a room addition? Here are a few of the biggest benefits.

A multi-function space

A sunroom can serve multiple functions in a house. You may wish to have extra space for social activities with family and friends, and a sunroom gives you that without having to move those activities outside. They make excellent playrooms for children, or as TV rooms. Many sunrooms function excellently for fitness and workout space. And there’s always the good old-fashioned reading room, letting you enjoy time in the outdoors without actually needing to go outdoors. Sunrooms do what they say in their name: they bring more sun into your life.


A sunroom is one of the less costly room additions. They require little change to the exterior of the house, since they usually make use of already existing exterior doors and doorways. They can be made of light framing material to hold the glass, and the work to install one goes much faster than many other types of room additions. It’s easy for our designers to create a sunroom that matches your home’s exterior and helps boost its appearance without looking like something that was simply “tacked on.”

Gardening space

If you’ve got a green thumb, but aren’t far enough along you want a full greenhouse, a sunroom is a great way to create a miniature greenhouse attached to the home. With sun coming in almost every day of the year and the ability to maintain a consistent temperature, you’ve got a great spot to grow almost any type of flower or plant you want to enhance your living space.

Comfort Options

You may read about “Four Season” and “Three Season” sunroom options online, but these don’t really apply here in Los Angeles. A three-season sunroom is one that doesn’t have heating connected to it, so it isn’t as useable during winter, while a four-season sunroom does have heating to allow for winter use. In Southern California, almost any sunroom can be used for most of the year, even without connected heating. Discuss with our team if heating/cooling is a good option to include in your sunroom.

We provide many types of room additions in Hidden Hills, CA and throughout the Los Angeles, CA area. Schedule an appointment with us and we can provide you with different choices and then give you an estimate for the project you envision.

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