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Benefits of the Bump Out and Where You Can Put One in Your House

yellow-hardhat-leather-glovesWhen you hear “room addition for a house,” what comes to mind? Probably a large construction project that takes out a huge chunk of the available outdoor property to create a new bedroom, den, or home office. But an addition doesn’t need to be so immense, and it doesn’t even need to take up much physical space at all. The bump out is a type of addition that can make a larger difference to a household without an enormous construction project or having to find extra space around the house to sacrifice. It’s a micro-addition that can bring big benefits.

Why Consider a Bump Out

A bump out takes a room and moves one of its walls outward, or a part of the wall. The bump-out has its own support built below it so it can sit above the ground. Here are some of the reasons this might be the right room addition for you.

  • Bump outs do not connect to the foundation of the house since they are cantilevered. This makes them less expensive and time-consuming to construct.
  • The bump out interferes less with the outside of the house and often doesn’t require replacing any soil at all.
  • Bump outs can go on second floors, a place where major room additions are almost always impossible.
  • A well-done bump out—one that preserves the exterior design of the house—can help increase property value at a low cost.

We have to stress the importance of having quality designers and builders handle the bump out, the same as you would want from any room addition in Calabasas, CA. Yes, the bump out requires less construction and time, but if it doesn’t match the exterior of the house, it’ll be an ugly detraction. You want a great design/build team like ours to handle the whole process.

Where You Can Put a Bump Out

If you don’t already have a clear idea which room to use for a bump out, here are a few ideas.

  • The kitchen extension. A bump out is often helpful as part of a larger kitchen renovation, such as creating a breakfast nook or space to put in a deeper counter.
  • The bathroom extension. The other big remodeling project—the bathroom remodel—can use the bump out as well so you can put in that bigger walk-in shower or that jacuzzi you’ve dreamed of.
  • The bay window. This is the classic bump out, an extension of a room to give you a window that extends past the walls of the house and provides a new, beautiful seating area.
  • The living room movie addition. For all you technophiles and cinephiles, you can push out part of the living room to hold the screen and extended entertainment system.

There are numerous other ways to use a bump out in your house, and there are few limits on them. If you are interested in expanding your home in an economic way, talk to our team today.

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