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What’s Your Bathroom Remodeling Priority?

bathroom-remodel-shower-sink-rusticUnfortunately, it’s tough to completely plan through the total cost and time involved with a bathroom remodel. Change orders are bound to happen throughout the process that delay the job, and sometimes unexpected costs come up when contractors discover things such as code violations or rusty pipes that need to be replaced before the job can move on.

Still, there are ways to make sure your bathroom remodel has fewer hiccups, and that has to do with thorough planning. What’s the key to a smooth bathroom remodel? Knowing your priorities!

Why Focus on a Few Important Things

Sometimes, bathroom remodels are not finished, or are not finished to the homeowner’s satisfaction, because the budget is driven out of control by constant change orders. Knowing what is most important to you from the very beginning will help to prevent this from happening and keep things on track.

Once you know your bathroom remodeling priorities, you’ll know where the majority of your budget should be focused. Any changes that must come up along the way won’t affect your primary goals—of expanding the shower and bath area, for example, or putting in new flooring and tiles—and updates can come later as you add to your budget.

We don’t expect a homeowner to have a complete picture of the bathroom they’ve dreamed of, especially without any remodeling experience. However, when you outline your priorities to your contractors, they can usually help finish the picture and make sure you get the bathroom you want and need without excess demolition and with the least amount of strain on your finances.

Narrowing Down Your Must-Haves

So how do you decide what’s most important to you in a bathroom remodel? Ask yourself these questions before you contact a local contractor or finalize your bathroom remodeling plans.

  • What is it you really need? Your first priority should be what you need, not what you want. With a limited budget, the side vanity isn’t so important as the shower or toilet, something that has aged and desperately needs upgrading. You don’t want to skimp on these priorities in the budget.
  • Do you have enough space? If expanding space is your main priority, your contractor can help you focus on the most efficient way to expand your bathroom, whether that’s taking down some walls, creating a bump-out at the side of the home, or picking compact appliances.
  • Do you plan to grow your family? If you plan to expand your family in the near future, you want to make changes that will last, such as converting a shower-only bathroom to one with a tub for the little ones.
  • Are you going to sell your home in 5 years or so? If so, focus your remodel on features that sell, without spending too much time on details that solely benefit you. This may actually include small features like chrome faucets and new toilets that can help to move a home during a viewing.
  • Is there a style you really admire? Answer this question, and a qualified contractor can help you fill in the blanks, finding showers, shelving, sinks, and more that fit this theme and tie the room together.

The rest of the process is all about finding the right contractor and making sure you have a clear idea of what your remodel will look like and what the focus will be before signing any agreements.

For your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, trust the licensed and insured contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors.

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