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Making a Bathroom Remodel Less Stressful

woman-relaxingLife is stressful enough already, and when you’re contemplating a major bathroom remodel in your home, you may think of putting it off just because you don’t want to handle all the extra anxiety the work is going to bring.

Believe us, we understand. We have provided professional bathroom remodeling services in Los Angeles, CA for over 14 years, so we know all about the pressures the work can put on clients. But it’s part of our job to make it as easy as possible for you and remove as much of the stress as we can. We’re a design/build company and handle all the remodeling services in-house so you won’t have to worry about dealing with separate contractors. That right there is one way we can make your upcoming remodel less difficult and anxiety-inducing.

Here are some other ways you can survive a remodel and keep yourself sane and even calm!

  • Always work with licensed professionals: Since you’re on our website, we imagine you’re already searching for a professional contractor to do the work. That’s great, and it’s #1 way to see that the project runs smoothly—and you get the final results you want! Let the professionals worry about most of the steps.
  • Set up another bathroom: One big element of stress in a remodel is that you won’t be able to use the bathroom that’s under construction, or at least not all of it. If you have a second bathroom, make sure it’s fully supplied and ready to handle increased use. Work out shower schedules with family members, especially for the morning. Your remodelers can set up a makeshift bathroom as well—they’re watching out for your needs.
  • Arrange to stay with a neighbor if necessary: There are some cases where you will have to temporarily relocate. Work with the contractor to find out exactly how long the project will take so you can work out a schedule that makes life easier. A good contractor will make sure the project is done as fast as possible (without sacrificing quality, of course).
  • Enjoy time away from home during the day: Remodeling makes plenty of noise and does place dust into the air (the contractor will ensure it doesn’t get on the floor or furniture.) Being home during remodeling might not be your idea of relaxing. So arrange for a few daily mini-holidays from your house. See two movies in a day. Go on a sight-seeing trip in your own town and visit those places you’ve never gotten to. Enjoy a long lunch with friends. Or why not take a genuine two-day vacation to a nearby destination?
  • Focus on the results: A positive attitude is perhaps the best way to keep away the stress. Remember, you’re doing this to improve your house and better your life—the inconveniences are only temporary, and after a short time you’ll have a beautiful new bathroom that will make daily routines much easier. A brief stretch of dust, noise, and inconvenience, followed by years and years of fantastic results.

Talk to us today about your bathroom remodel. Advanced Builders & Contractors is an award-winning contractor in the Los Angeles area.

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