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“If Only I Had…” Avoid These Common Bathroom Remodeling Regrets

screaming-manHaving a bathroom remodel go wrong and end up far from what you intended isn’t like getting a bad haircut. You may have to deal with the immediate consequences of that botched new hairstyle or making the wrong choice for how you want to look—but the haircut we’ll grow out, and in a few months you can start over. A bad bathroom remodel is permanent, at least unless you schedule a second remodeling. And who wants to have to do that?

We have many years of experience with handling bathroom remodels in Brentwood, CA, and throughout the Los Angeles Area. We’ve heard many horror stories from people who didn’t think through their remodel, and we want to share with you a few things many homeowners wish they had known or considered before they went ahead with revamping a bathroom.

Trying to do it themselves

You probably don’t need us to tell you that remodeling a bathroom is a massive task. But just because you think you have the time and the willpower to do the task on your own doesn’t mean you can or should. Too many things can go wrong, from plumbing to electrical, and violating local building codes is a strong possibility.

Hiring non-professionals

A more common error people make is believing that even if they can’t handle the remodel, any contractor, regardless of licensing, can do it. This is a major risk, since non-professionals may also violate codes and make a house uninsurable. If you are depending on a non-licensed contractor to handle the sub-contractors, you’ll have a compounded problem of multiple subpar teams trying to do the job. You’ll be lucky to get anywhere close to the results you want without experiencing a disaster.

Doing a top-to-bottom change when it’s not necessary

Depending on what you’re looking for in a bathroom remodel, you may not need to change everything. Maybe new cabinets and countertops are all that you need, and most of the plumbing can stay in place. A plumbing upgrade may not require as much structural changes, and you can be selective about which fixtures receive upgrades. Having a skilled contractor helps immensely with cutting out unnecessary changes and work.

Ignoring lights and other smaller details

When going for a larger-scale remodeling, it’s easy to overlook what seem like “minor” details, such as the lights, the height of the sink, and the placement of fixtures like the toilet. But these details are part of the overall usefulness and appearance of the space. Just correct lighting changes can have a significant impact on the bathroom, making it more attractive but also safer. Working with professional contractors will surface these details so they can be addressed right.

Make storage a priority

This is a specific detail that too many homeowners ignore in their rush to create a trendy, statement-making bathroom redesign. Good storage can make or break a bathroom as a useful and appealing space. Your contractor can help with ideas, like recessed shelves, that can provide necessary storage without harming the design you want.

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