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Adding on a Room? Think about Placement

Maybe you’re expecting a child, or maybe you’ve always wanted a home office. You’ve got good reason to add a room onto your home, and as a bonus, it can help to increase the property value. However, if you don’t think about placement, you might end up with more problems, and a room that isn’t up to your standards.

Home renovations require a lot of thought and careful planning, but some parts of this process might get overlooked in all the excitement. Don’t forget to think carefully about the following aspects of the location of your new room.

The View

Is this a room you plan to spend time in often? Then you want to make sure you have a view of something you’d like to look at every day. A master bedroom, for example, should be a retreat, but if all you’ve got from the window is a view of the building next door, it may not always feel like a place you want to escape to. Think about the scenery around the location and whether you’ll get enough natural light coming into the room.

The Noise

One thing that homeowners might miss when planning the location of a new room is how much noise may be going on around the room. For example, you might add in a bedroom with a specific position in mind for the bed placement, not considering the fact that the wall is shared with a noisy bathroom.


When adding on a room you plan to use a lot, make sure it’s convenient to get everywhere you need to go with ease. If you’re adding on a garage, for example, you want to make sure that you can access the kitchen so that you can bring in your groceries right when you get home. On the other hand, you may want some rooms, like a master bedroom, to have some more seclusion.

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