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A Walk-In Shower Is the Perfect Choice for Small Bathrooms

Oftentimes, the goal of renovating a small bathroom is to make the space feel larger. A shower, tub, toilet, and sink in a room together may make the space feel cluttered. While you might be able to do a bump out addition to create more space for the shower of your dreams, we have another suggestion. Have you considered taking out the tub entirely and trading up to a walk-in shower?

Glass doors make the room feel larger

A glass door on a walk in shower opens up the space and allows for natural light to come through as you shower. Glass doors with sleek corners are visually appealing. Your bathroom feels larger when a portion of it is not hidden by a deep tub or a shower curtain.

Add in a bench

While you may not be able to fit a bathtub into your renovation, many homeowners almost never use their tubs anyway, or else they have a larger bathroom elsewhere in the home that can be used for baths. Instead of a tub, you can put a small bench in your shower so that it’s convenient for anyone to use, and so that you can relax.

Create more space

One of the benefits of a walk in shower is that it can fit into a corner, leaving plenty of space around it, especially when you leave out the bathtub. A walk-in shower creates more space for you to install cabinetry, an extra sink, or to leave space so that you can move around with ease. The possibilities are endless, and your contractor can help you come up with ideas of what you want to do with the space.

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