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A Quick Kitchen Remodeling Guide for People Who Love Cooking

You may not be a world-class chef, but working in a spacious and efficient kitchen can certainly make you feel like one. If you love cooking, your kitchen remodel should allow you to optimize space so that you have more space to prepare meals, giving you the ability to be even more adventurous in the kitchen. Here, we offer an overview on what to plan for your kitchen remodel—and what to do while you are without your kitchen!

Planning for a Remodel

When those with a love of cooking plan a kitchen remodel, they usually prioritize the following elements when working with a contractor.

  • Plenty of Space: You need lots of countertop space as well as storage space in your new kitchen.
  • Excellent Lighting: Don’t skip this important step. Talk to a contractor about having adequate lighting in all food preparation areas, such as under-cupboard lighting above your counters.
  • Efficient Appliances: Choose an efficient gas range, and consider having two stacked wall ovens so that more than one chef can work at once.
  • The Perfect Sink: A deeper bowl allows you to fill larger pots and roasting pans. Having a large sink is often more important to chefs than having a double bowl.
  • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: Choose a countertop surface you love with few grout lines so that it is easy to scrub.

During Your Kitchen Remodel

Perhaps the hardest part of kitchen remodeling for someone who loves cooking is waiting for the kitchen to be completed. Make meals ahead of time that you can keep in the freezer so that you can microwave them while you’re waiting to get your oven back. Additionally, investing in a good toaster oven and slow cooker can allow you to keep on cooking.

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