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A Quick Guide to Home Remodeling

Is your home looking old and tired? Maybe it’s that time that you give it an upgrade. You have already decided you want to remodel, but how do you begin the process of planning such a dramatic change? The steps below will help you through the planning of a project that will enhance your home and make it a more inviting place for many years to come.

First, Get Inspired!

You can find inspiration anywhere you look! Open up a lifestyle magazine, or start a Pinterest board. Pay attention to the décor at your favorite modern bed and breakfast or take a look around when you’re at a friend’s recently remodeled home. Save all your ideas, colors, fabrics, pictures, and more in a folder on your computer. A very helpful website that can get you going is Houzz, a website where you can look up a room design, products, and photos that you can add to your own ideabook.

Design Your Dream

I like to call this part the fun part! Your project manager (contractor) will sit down with you to create the house you have always dreamed of. Your project manager’s ultimate goal is to help you design the home of your dreams within your budget. That’s why it’s important to have a vision in mind, while being open to changes as necessary, and why it’s important to work with contractors you can trust.

Create a Timeline

When all your decisions have been made and you have picked the color of the walls, the moldings you love, or whether you want tile or wood, you will need to discuss a timeline with your project manager. Be realistic and keep in mind that things may change as the project goes on.

Add the Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to make this home YOUR home. It’s time to wrap it all up and add what you love most. Make the house a home with modern décor, vintage pieces, family pictures, bright paint and patterns, curtains, and much more.

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