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A Few Things to Note about Remodeling an Attic

Remodeling an attic is one of the best ways to add space onto your home and to potentially increase its value. Your new attic room can be a space for you to escape to. It can be a guest bedroom, the kids’ playroom, a scenic drawing room, or an office. But no matter what you turn your attic into, there are a few things you should know before you start the remodel.

Building Codes Specify Height

One thing to note is that there are typically height requirements if you are planning on turning your attic into a livable space. Often, restrictions say that at least half of your attic space should be at least 7 feet high.

Windows Add Beauty

Having large windows in your attic can bring in light, give you a great view of the neighborhood, make the space feel more open, and add beauty and design to the room. In addition, windows are a necessity if you are renovating your attic as additional living space in your home. Large windows create an additional emergency exit, and you may even keep a ladder nearby, just in case.

Have a Good Set of Stairs

Of course, if your attic is to become a major part of the square footage in your home, you need a way to get to it. You need a good set of stairs to get up and down, and to bring furniture in. Make sure the stairs are wide enough to transport your belongings into the new attic room. Ask your contractor about a spiral staircase, which adds access to the attic without intruding too much on the space below it.

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