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7 Statement Pieces to Add to Your New Year’s Renovation

Updating your home can be an excellent way to ring in the new year. When it comes to renovations, designing is one of the fun parts. Statement pieces can help add the extra wow factor to any room. However, it can be hard to find the perfect piece. Here are seven statement items to add to your New Year’s renovation.

Tips for Selecting Statement Pieces

Choosing the right pieces can feel a little tricky. You want ones that will stand out for all the right reasons. Here are some tips for finding the perfect statement piece.

1. Keep the Space Cohesive

Keep your overall design in mind when planning your statement pieces. You want to be creative with your choices but still have a cohesive layout. Try to match it with the room’s architectural style and color scheme. Also, have one standout item per room, so the space feels less cluttered.

2. Pay Attention to Scale

Make sure your piece isn’t too big or small for the space. For example, smaller-scaled artwork may look out of place in a larger room. Consider the size of the area and the other elements to determine the proper sizing.

3. Mix up Patterns and Textures

A little bit of mismatching creates a more exciting look and draws attention to your focal point. Play with opposites, such as organic and geometric shapes. You can also combine different patterns, like small polka dots and stripes. Keep in mind you want to mix patterns of different scales. A large bold stripe would pair well with a smaller print.

Color is another way to add variety. Combine lighter shades with darker tones, but be sure to stick with three colors only. Any more can make the space feel too busy.

4. Be Intentional With Color

Colors can impact our mood. When picking one, consider how it will make you feel. For example, blues and greens are calming colors and are great for living rooms or bedrooms. On the other hand, reds can cause a feeling of excitement and energy. This hue is good for office spaces to promote productivity, and it also works well in kitchens since it increases your appetite.

5. Pick Meaningful Pieces

Remember, you’re the one who will look at the piece the most. You want to find something that fits with your personality. Be creative and think outside of the box. For example, a stunning sideboard could be an excellent focal point in your dining room.

Statement Piece Ideas

Finding statement pieces can help elevate any space. Now that you know the basics, here are some design ideas to get you started.

1. Fireplace

Fireplaces give your space a cozy feeling. They are perfect for snuggling around during the winter. A fireplace can also help tie the room together and create a stunning focal point. When designing the feature, try to match it with the rest of your furniture. For example, does the surrounding wall fit with the overall color scheme?

Another thing to consider is the aesthetic you want to create. For example, a stone or brick fireplace provides a classic appearance. On the other hand, a tile pattern offers a more modern look.

Once you have the style down, think about the furniture arrangement. You want the layout to allow easy movement to and from the fireplace. Place a chair beside it, but make sure your sofa is not blocking your view of the flames.

2.  Range Hood

Your kitchen hood is already a unique focal point, so why not make it stand out even more? Adding a steel hood can create a sleek appearance and match your appliances. You can also play with different metals to create a striking look. Copper is a good option that actually has health benefits, including certain antibacterial priorities that make cleaning much easier.

Kitchen hoods are functional as well as physically appealing. They can remove excess heat and odors, making the space more comfortable.

3. Light Fixtures

Decorative light fixtures, such as chandeliers, can make someone stop and take notice. These lights can also influence a room’s mood. For example, recessed lighting can create a soft glow for more intimate gatherings. If you want to mimic the feeling of natural light, skylights can create an open and airy atmosphere. Statement lights can also help separate areas of the room.

Here are some types of lighting to enhance your space:

  • Lanterns
  • Vintage sconces
  • LED strips
  • Sculptural lighting
  • Table lamps

4. Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub can elevate your bathroom design. It can also free up space to easily move around the room. There are multiple styles to choose from, such as clawfoot or jetted versions.

When choosing your style, consider how you will use it. Single-ended tubs are a great option that provides a sloped edge for lounging if you plan to take long, relaxing baths. Keep in mind that you also want the style to match other elements in the room.

5. Sofa

A stunning sofa can be a great statement piece for your living room. Find one with interesting features, such as bold colors or fun patterns. Pink or purple sofas can catch your guests’ attention. You can also make your couch stand out even more with ornate throw pillows.

Besides just the color, play around with the sofa’s shape. For example, curved sofas can look unique and allow for more seating options. In addition, change up the fabric. Velvet can create a luxurious appearance.

6. Curtains

Drapes can spruce up your plain-looking windows. Play around with different colors and patterns. Red curtains can bring energy to your kitchen, while green works well for a bedroom by creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Thicker fabrics, like black-out drapes, can help keep your home warm in the winter. During summer, switch to sheer curtains that are thinner and can bring in more natural light.

7. Accent Walls

An accent wall can create a stunning focal point. A gallery wall is a fun way to decorate with family photos or beautiful artwork. Hanging a mirror can create a unique focal point, as well. It can even make the space feel larger.

If you want to keep it simple, add a pop of color by painting the wall a contrasting shade to the rest of the space. Consider using black for a dramatic impact. Reds or yellows can create an energetic atmosphere if you want to go brighter.

Decor to Enhance Your Space

It’s important to think about accent pieces when renovating your space. These can help create stunning focal points and tie a room together. Consider adding some of these pieces to your next remodeling project and welcome the new year in style.

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