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6 Ways Steel Framing Can Improve a Building’s Safety

Several materials are used in building, with the most renowned being concrete, timber, and steel. While building, the safety of your building should be a priority at all times. Steel framing has proven to be one of the ways of improving a building’s safety. The frame provides a strong support system for roofs, floors, building finishing, and every other part of a building. Suppose you plan to build, or you have an upcoming building, here are some ways steel framing can improve a building’s safety.

Strengthens the building

Steel is a heavy building material compared with its counterparts timber and concrete. This is because it is of high density. For this reason, you will need a small amount of steel during the entire building process. You will realize that in the event you settle for timber, the amount required to offer full support is quantity. Therefore, the use of steel leads to reduced labor costs as steel framing requires a simple foundation structure.

Additionally, using steel reduces shipping costs because the quantity needed is less than other materials. Most importantly, the strength of the material used in a building contributes to its safety. Steel structuring qualifies as one of the safest materials to use in construction.

Longer life span

Steel framing gives your building a longer lifespan in many ways. One of the characteristics of steel is that it does not crack. Also, when insects are likely to attack wood, steel is never affected by insect infestation. Choosing this material means you are signing up for a mold-free life.

These factors, insects, cracking, and mold, contribute to early degeneration. There is a high likelihood of a building collapsing where a material like timber is insect-infested, risking your safety and property. If you are looking to build a home, a company like Norsteel has the expertise required in steel framing to help you put up a long-lasting building.


Steel is one of the most recycled building materials. Even after years of being in use, steel does not lose its properties. Even after being melted down, its strength continues. The contributing factor to the strength that steel exemplifies is how it is modeled. Due to the sustainable nature of steel, it equally helps in bringing up a sustainable building. The use of steel in buildings is no longer regarded as a choice of material but rather a crucial safety measure.

Protection against fire

When looking for building materials, protection against fire should always be at the top of your list. For this reason, it is necessary to work with professionals right from the material selection stage to building the building stage. Steel undergoes fireproofing as a safety measure, hence providing additional safety for your structure. Even during a fire, steel has proven to keep the structure of buildings intact.

Resistant to wind

Locations that encounter extreme winds are likely to experience collapsed buildings. The structure of the building is what will determine if it survives. Steel buildings are known to be wind resistant. Choosing steel framing is one of the ways of keeping such calamities at bay. A good steel structure can keep your loved ones and property safe during the episodes of strong winds.


Steel has the capability of weathering any surroundings. With a few protective measures on your steel frame, your building is likely to stand the test of time. It is vital to put some coating on the steel structure to avoid corrosion. Always remember the end goal is to have a building that you have confidence in. Paint has also proven to protect against corrosive materials. Talk to a professional for a fantastic experience with steel structuring.

Final Words

Alongside keeping your building safe, steel has many other advantages. Steel itself is an affordable material that is contrary to the majority’s views. You don’t have to work with a big budget for steel framing. Further, the frames last longer, and generally, a building built using steel requires very little maintenance. Additionally, this material gives room for customization. Steel can be bent to fit any shape or design you are looking for, something other building materials cannot do. For strong, durable, modern, and safe buildings, it is advisable to put steel framing as a vital service.

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