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6 “Small” Things to Focus on with Any Bathroom Remodel

checkered-bathroom-remodel-abcYou’re finally getting the master bathroom you’ve always wanted or changing that half-bath downstairs into a full one. You’re excited to see the big changes–the spa-like tub or the rainfall showerhead or a creative tile design. But are you forgetting to ask your contractor about the details?

Sometimes, the smallest things are what end up making the biggest difference. Don’t forget to focus on these seemingly little things when have your bathroom remodeled.

1. Light Placement and Style

The placement and style of light may not be at the top of your list right now, but it’s all you’ll be thinking about when you try to do your hair, put in contacts, or apply makeup in the morning. Do your research and work with the contractor or electrician on the job to make sure there is adequate lighting for the shower and for the vanity.

One recommendation? Try to avoid having light right above the mirror and nowhere else. This can wash you out and won’t highlight your face as well as having lights around the mirror or on the sides.

2. Natural Light

If you have the opportunity to bring in some more natural light to your bathroom remodel, we highly recommend it. Many people love having a little window into a private balcony or yard area right in the shower.

3. Outlets

Every bathroom needs GFCI-protected outlets, but have you thought about where they will go? Of course, part of this will have to do with the building codes in your area. But there’s also the consideration of how often you use them. Finding a way to hide the outlets so they are not interfering with design maybe preferable to some, while keeping them more accessible is important to others.

4. Towel Bars

There are people out there who would really prefer no towel bar–and that’s fine! There are hooks and drying racks for this purpose, just be sure you plan for them. Otherwise, plan for a towel bar to match the hardware in your bathroom (handles for cupboards and drawers, etc.).

5. Mirror Size

Some people don’t put much thought into the size of the mirror. Or, if you have a smaller bathroom, you might assume that you should get a small mirror to match. In almost any bathroom, we recommend getting the largest mirror that can fit. It doesn’t really interfere with a design, and it makes a room look much bigger since it reflects the space and the light.

6. Storage

A simple minimalist bathroom may seem appealing to your design tastes, but you’ll regret it when you’re in need of more toilet paper, and it’s not stored under the sink. You might have to forgo that pedestal sink or exposed plumbing design in favor of cabinets. Find other ways to extend space and minimize clutter, such as using neutral, light colors for the walls, limiting decor to one or two items, or even cutting out a bathtub and leaving only a clear shower door.

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