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6 Reasons to Build a New House Rather Than Buy

frame-of-new-houseIf you’re considering buying a new house, it may also have occurred to you to go all the way and build a new house: purchase the lot, then work with a great general contractor in Hidden Hills, CA to construct a home ideally suited to your needs and your family.

If you have the budget to create a new house, it’s definitely an option to consider. Yes, it will involve more work than purchasing an already built home, but the benefits may be worth it. Below are six reasons you might prefer building your own house (by which we mean work with a contractor to build your house) over buying one.

#1. Skip out on bidding in a busy market

This is a place where building your own home is more convenient. The housing market is going to be busy in the coming year, and there’ll be fewer newer homes going on the market. That means bidding for the new homes for sale might be fierce, and finding a house with the features and design you want that are available will be tricky—and then you have to get into bidding wars. Building your own house lets you skip this stressful process.

#2. Perfect on Day 1

…or as close to perfect as moving into a new home can get. Even if you find a house on the market that’s a great fit for you, you’ll still have a list of changes you’ll want to make after you move in. When you build your own house, it’ll be just as you want it on the first day, and it may be years before you think of remodeling. 

#3. Superior energy efficiency

Here’s a way that building your own house can start to pay for those additional costs: energy-efficient designs done to your specifications. You can have a smart home with all its systems integrated for minimum energy waste, the most up-to-date insulation, and the best energy-saving major appliances already in place. 

#4. Repairs? What repairs?

When you build your own house, everything in it is new. That means you won’t have to be shelling out money for repairs for many years. Even a “new” house on the market may have sat around for more than a year waiting for purchase and will still have fixer-upper requirements.

#5. Up-to-code

Code requirements change all the time, but homes aren’t always required to make changes along with them: they get “grandfathered in.” With a new house, it’s as up-to-code as any building in the neighborhood.

#6. Full customization and personalization

We saved the best for last. Building your own house means it’s your own, from the first conception. You decide the layout, the number of rooms, the room types, the look, the style. Your contractor will help you with all this, but the house is still a reflection of exactly what you want and need from a house. No house that’s on the market now could possibly meet those requirements. 

We’re the local contractor who can bring your dream house to life: we handle all services, from design to construction, under one roof.

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