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5 Mistakes to Watch for During New Home Construction

blueprints-for-house-constructionWe recently addressed a big question a homeowner can face, which is whether to choose a full house renovation or a new home construction. It’s not an easy choice, but in this post we’re going to look at what happens if you’ve chosen to go with new home construction in Los Angeles, CA

The first step to take before anything else is to contact an experienced local building contractor. Advanced Builders & Contractors has a full team of architects, designers, and builders to handle your project from start to finish—we place all the work under a single roof so you won’t run into problems with various subcontractors and miscommunication. When you have professionals on board from the start, you’ll be able to dodge some of the major mistakes that can occur with planning new home construction. 

Below are five of these common errors we’ve known people to make.

#1. Putting in that room you aren’t really going to use

Is there a room in your current house that doesn’t get much use? Like a planned recreation area, or a den, that just sits empty most of the time? Large homes often have one of these, so when making plans for your dream house, be careful that you aren’t dreaming of places that sound great but which will end up mostly empty.

#2. Poor allocation of kitchen space

Kitchens are often the center of homes, and planning how much space they will take up is a critical part of new home design. There’s a reason kitchens are popular rooms for remodeling: they were often done wrong at the start! You can make sure you start it right by thinking about how much entertaining you plan to do and how much you want life in the rest of the house to spill over into the kitchen (for example, using an open-concept plan to blur the line between the kitchen and living room). 

#3. Forgetting about the lighting

You don’t want to end up having to rewire parts of the house or cram in free-standing fixtures because you later discovered you have inadequate lighting or didn’t allow for enough space for lighting. Proper lighting makes a huge difference in how pleasant and useful your house is. You want to also see that you have accurate window placement to allow the best use of outdoor light.

#4. Poor bedroom location

People sometimes mistake convenience of placement with an easier lifestyle—but this can backfire when it comes to the bedrooms. Plan to have the master bedroom in a removed area where it’ll be easier for you to sleep or placed where it’s the farthest from concentrations of noise (such as on a busy street).

#5. Choosing the wrong contractor

We hope you’ve already avoided this mistake … because you’re on our website, you’re on your way toward picking one of the best contractors in Los Angeles. We could list many other errors you might make with new home construction, but you’re in almost no danger of falling into these traps when you have a great contractor helping you along the path.

Advanced Builders & Contractors has served the Los Angeles area for over 16 years. Request an estimate today.

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