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5 Kitchen Remodeling Styles

black_white_kitchenYou are at the beginning of making your plans for a full kitchen remodel in Beverly Hills, CA. You aren’t replacing a few fixtures or redoing the countertops and cabinets. You’re going to overhaul the kitchen to a new style. But what style? There are numerous popular styles for kitchen remodels, and you might find yourself overwhelmed at the options.

The style of the rest of the house will narrow down some of your choices—some styles will simply feel wrong if placed into the heart of your home. But you have greater flexibility than you might think. We’re going to look at five of the popular kitchen styles to help you start envisioning your future kitchen. You’ll need professional designers and builders to help you make the final choice. We handle all parts of a kitchen remodel and can help you realize your new dream kitchen.

ONE: Traditional Kitchen

This is probably similar to what you currently have, and it’s what most people think of when they think of kitchens in standard US homes. Light-colored countertops, peninsulas rather than islands, hanging light fixtures, neutral-colored cabinets. A sense of balance is key to the traditional kitchen, but this doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself in many of the details. This is a good kitchen style if you’re looking for a fresh look but not a radical change from the rest of the house.

TWO: Farmhouse Kitchen

We’ve talked in depth about the farmhouse kitchen before. It’s a popular style that emphasizes a rustic look, with wooden finishes and darker hues, such as dark reds and browns. Decorative wooden accents, a mix of metals, an apron sink (the sink is one of the key fixtures for drawing the farmhouse kitchen together).

THREE: Craftsman Kitchen

The craftsman house is an enormously popular style, and that extends to creating a craftsman kitchen. The style uses natural materials and aims for a look that is closer to rustic than a traditional kitchen, but not to the extent of the farmhouse kitchen. Most surfaces are made from wood, colors are muted but not dark, and there’s a general feeling of space and open areas.

FOUR: Coastal Kitchen

Here’s a style that is already perfect for a California home, because it’s a California native style. Color is key to this kitchen type: you want colors that remind you of the ocean and beach, with soothing blues and greens. Backsplashes and tiles are important for creating the vacation beach house feeling—a sense that you’re always on a summer trip no matter the day.

FIVE: Modern/Contemporary Kitchen

Sleek surfaces and clean and sharp designs are the defining aspects of the contemporary kitchen style. Ornamentation is usually sparse, with appliances like the refrigerator hidden into the décor. Some people can find this design too antiseptic, while others love how uncluttered the space looks.

There are other styles to consider, such as cottage, industrial, and French country. Our designers will work closely with you to find the right match for what you’re looking for and what will work best with your current home.

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