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5 Benefits of Choosing New Home Construction

frame-of-new-houseMaking the choice to build your own home rather than purchase one already on the market is among the biggest decisions you may ever make, both in terms of your budget, your family, and your lifestyle. There are plenty of reasons to purchase an existing house rather than go the route of a new home construction in Calabasas, CA with professional contractors, and you’ll give careful consideration to all the factors involved before you make a final decision.

In this post, we’re going to focus on specific benefits of new home constructions, some of which you may not have known about or given much thought to. If you’re on the fence about new home construction, one of these may tip you one direction or another. We strongly recommend you call our team to request an estimate and a consultation so you can make the best decision based on your situation.

ONE: Better indoor air quality

One of the reasons indoor air quality has taken such a steep dive over the last two decades is because home construction focused so much on sealing the home to boost energy efficiency that it ended up cutting off effective air circulation. Current construction is correcting this: homes are now built with improved ventilation and use building materials, paint, and flooring that gives off fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

TWO: Better energy efficiency

But don’t think that improving indoor air quality means construction has gone back to sacrificing efficiency. The construction technology has just gotten better at it. The use of ENERGY STAR-rated doors and windows, green building standards, tight building envelopes, and high-efficiency ventilation systems make homes better energy-savers than ever.

THREE: Less maintenance worries

When you start with a new home, you won’t have a massive list of various maintenance tasks that need to be done the way you would with another home. You can move into a house and not have to start thinking about whether the roof needs to be repaired or if you should schedule an electrical audit to find out if the wiring needs upgrades. Oh, and the plumbing as well. And maybe there are other repairs … well, you get the gist of it.

FOUR: Automate with a smart home

Smart homes are the future. Upgrading a home with smart technology can be an extensive and expensive process. When you construct your own home, it’s easy to integrate the best in home automation into the design from the start. This is also a way you can improve efficiency, but it makes life more convenient overall. You can have the home of the future today, rather than the home of the past that needs extra work to even get it to the present.

FIVE: Start fresh with all your own ideas

Why spend the next few years doing remodels on the kitchen, living rooms, den, or spending money on room additions to a house that isn’t quite what you want when you can have what you want from the start? New home construction is the ultimate in personalization for a living space, and working with our team of designers and builders will see that you have exactly what you want.

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