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5 Bathroom Organizational Tips

bathroom-lots-of-spaceEven if you’re currently remodeling a smaller bathroom, there’s simply no way to get unlimited space. Bathrooms tend to be the most cramped rooms in a house, even though they hold the items you use every single day and need easy access to.

We want to do what we can to help you stay a bit more organized. Follow our tips, or call our team if you’re considering a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles!

#1: You Can’t Always Shirk Organization for Style

We know that minimalism is a style must-have for many homeowners, but it’s not always the right choice for every home. Storage bins are a must for a family, but there are stylish ways to incorporate them.

Baskets that match the décor or that stand out as a central feature are key, rather than plastic bins shoved under the sink. And if you crave that modern minimalism, there are always unique storage solutions—such as using a ladder for hanging towels!

#2: Reconsider What Belongs in the Bathroom

Here’s the thing: some of the things you’ve been keeping in your bathroom all this time, trying to find a place for among all the essentials, may not actually belong in the first place. In fact, experts advise against keeping many medicines in the bathroom due to the excessive heat and moisture often found there.

Plus, think of all those hair bands that rarely get used or the makeup you’re saving for a rainy day. Do these things really need to take up room in a place with limited space already? A drawer of miscellany or a storage bin in the closet might be a better fit!

#3: Build Better Cabinets

This is an easy one—if you’re remodeling your bathroom. If you want to be more organized, you may just need better cabinetry. Or, it may be easier to stay organized with open shelving, rather than cabinets that hide your daily musts behind closed doors.

Look through magazines and remodeling galleries to see what other people are doing. Not remodeling your bathroom right now? If you’re having trouble staying organized, maybe now’s the time!

#4: Use Drawer Organizers

Many people think that a well-organized cabinet is the secret to staying organized. While this can certainly be part of it, many people don’t realize the power of drawers when it comes to quick and easy access. Drawer organizers—simple inserts you can find at many department stores—separate out your belongings so that you can find what you need faster in the morning, all at a glance.

#5: Find Space in Unique Places

A hanging shelf can go right above the toilet. Hooks can be creatively displayed throughout the bathroom to hang towels. Add open shelving along the walls. Find storage in places you’d least expect to find it, and you may end up with a unique bathroom design you never expected.

We want to help get your bathroom into shape. If you’re considering bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA, contact the expert contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors. We’re licensed and insured for the work.

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