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4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable for Everyone

Some of the people in your life may be living with disabilities or chronic pain that makes it difficult to navigate smaller spaces. While you may not think much about how comfortable you feel in the bathroom, a family member may feel discomfort in a way that’s difficult to understand. You can make your bathroom more comfortable for everyone who visits or lives there with these bathroom add-ins.

A Comfort Height Toilet

Comfort-height toilets are just a few inches taller than the average toilet, but it makes all the difference. It means less effort getting down and back up again, which is fantastic for those with knee issues. Comfort-height toilets can also be great for those with back issues, as many say their backs feel better on a taller toilet.

A Shower Bench

Many of us give no extra thought to standing for 5-10 minutes during a shower. But for those in our lives who have difficulty standing for long periods of time, it can be a source of dread. Adding a bench to the shower helps you, your guests, and your housemates feel more comfortable spending longer periods of time in the shower. This may be a bench that’s built in or a standalone bench. Either way, it may require remodeling to allow for more space–especially if you have a tub in place now.


You may not have pictured your dream bathroom as having handrails installed on the walls, but the benefits are plentiful for someone in your life who has difficulty standing or walking around. Handrails near the toilet and on the shower wall are a particularly big help, coupled with non-slip surfaces on the floor. Your contractor can help ensure your new bathroom is accessible.

Underfloor Heat

Your bathroom is a more comfortable place for anyone who enters when you have underfloor radiant heating. It will require some renovations, which means it’s the perfect option when you’re already planning for a bathroom remodel.

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