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3 Types of Sinks to Consider for Bathroom Remodeling

The sink is a functional object in a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull one. When remodeling a bathroom, you should consider a complete sink replacement to add to the appearance of the room. You can opt for standard under-mount or top-mount sink with new cabinet and countertop material to freshen the space. Or, you could choose to go with a non-conventional sink designs. We’ve listed three popular alternatives to the common sinks you see in most modern homes. One of these may offer you the décor boost your remodel needs.

Call Advanced Builders & Contractors for the complete package when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. We handle the architectural planning and the actual construction under one company roof, saving you time and hassle dealing with multiple contractors. Our designers work with you to come up with the remodel that fits with your vision of your future bathroom.

1. Wall-mounted sinks

Wall-mounted sinks don’t need much description: it’s right in their name. They take up much less space than sinks mounted on counters or cabinets, but they allow easy use of the empty floor space beneath (more than pedestal sinks), and people often like to place baskets and attractive bins in this area. Wall-mounted sinks work very well for bathrooms that don’t receive as much regular use, making them ideal for guest rooms. Wall-mounted sinks can also be built into corners for the maximum efficient use of space.

2. Pedestal sinks

There is an elegant Victorian aura to free-standing pedestal sinks, and they are often used as a design choice rather than as a purely functional choice. They lack storage, and the pedestal prohibits much use of the floor space. (You will definitely want a medicine cabinet installed above a pedestal sink if it’s located in a personal bathroom.) However, pedestal sinks are winners when it comes to appearance: they add old-world class to any bathroom, and the many options for their appearance give them a flexibility that enhances any type of remodel imaginable. Plus, they are easy to clean.

3. Vessel sinks

This sink style has become trendy within the last decade. Vessel sinks are designed to look like a bowl on top of a cabinet or table set beneath a wall-mounted faucet. However, the vessel is actually built into the countertop and drains the water down through a standard drainpipe. Vessel sinks can have cabinet storage space beneath them, or use an open area. These sinks come in a dazzling variety of styles and materials, and are among the most visually eye-catching fixtures you can have installed in a bathroom.

When you work with Advanced Builders & Contractors, you’ll have experts in bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA assisting you with selecting a new sink that will not only look fantastic, but also function ideally for the room. Let us guide you through your remodel, from the first ideas to the final product.

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