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3 Kitchen Remodeling Thoughts for People Who Love Cooking

So you’re remodeling your kitchen and there’s just one thing on your mind: everything you plan to cook when the remodel is finished. If you’re someone who loves to cook, make your kitchen the ultimate place for the home chef with these tips.

#1: Carefully consider the placement of key appliances

The placement of the dishwasher is paramount for anyone who loves to cook. You need to be able to quickly clear things out of the way, and no cook wants to spend any unnecessary time cleaning and running from one side of the kitchen to the other, so carefully consider where you put this.

And then, of course, there’s the position of the oven and range. Today, there are far more options than ever before for your new kitchen. You can have a countertop natural gas range and a separate oven—or, more preferable, two—integrated into the cabinetry. That’s the dream of many home chefs.

#2: Make sure there is plenty of storage

If you love to cook, it means you also love having a lot of things to cook with nearby. Pots, pans, spices, cutting boards, the mixer, your oven mitts—they all need to have their place. Floor-to-ceiling storage is a godsend for any serious cook.

#3: Keep things easy to clean

First, the services in your home should be easy to clean, and your remodeling contractor can recommend some great solutions. Whatever you do, we recommend avoiding tile, as you’ll spend a lot of time wiping up between the grout.

In addition, any cook should have a sink and faucet arrangement that makes cleanup a breeze. Most of the at-home chefs we’ve worked with prefer something roomy, but from there the opinions on what works best differ. Two bowls gives you room to rinse things separately, while a single-bowl sink can be deeper and easier to work in. It’s all a matter of preference.

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