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10 Steps to Remodel Your Home Office to Stay Organized and Productive

Your work schedule is likely consuming, no matter what you do. Even though you work at home, you don’t get to kick back on the couch and eat snacks in your pajamas. Your job responsibilities are ever-changing and can lead to a messy office.

Instead of pushing through your workdays in a cluttered environment, use these 10 steps to remodel your home office to stay organized and productive. A few simple changes will make even a stressful job more enjoyable.

1. Get a Trash Can

Getting a trash can for your home office may seem simple, but it’s a significant change that helps many remote workers and small business owners. It’s annoying to look at dried tea bags and crumpled papers across your desk, especially if the mess continues to grow throughout the week.

Find a place for a small or medium-sized trash can in your office and your messes will become pleasantly out of sight until it’s time to replace the bag.

2. Start Color Coding

Alphabetical order isn’t the only way to organize your work supplies. You can also color code them. It’s less of a hassle because you don’t have to keep up with alphabetical order. Your favorite colors will point the way when you need to store papers or supplies.

Use this system to arrange folders in a desk organizer or three-ring binders on your bookshelf. The colors can even match your decor so everything has a cohesive visual appeal.

The great thing about color coding is that it’s easy to adjust as your preferences change. You might fall in love with a new set of colors or want to change everything for specific seasonal themes. No matter how you want your office to look, your color-coding system can change with you and keep everything organized.

3. Hang a Mail Sorter

Mail sorters come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Most hang on the wall, so you can organize your incoming and outgoing mail without using more desk space. This is an especially handy tip for anyone who runs their business out of their home and frequently mails letters or products.

4. Save More Space

If you want to remodel your home office to stay organized and productive, you should maximize your space. Find new room for tools and work supplies by rethinking how your furniture consumes space in your office. Flip-up desks free up more room by converting into a wall feature after you clock out. Wall lighting doesn’t require the same space as a floor lamp.

Think about what consumes the most physical space in your office and whether it can transform into a multi-use object. Anything that flips up or collapses could make your workspace feel bigger and give you more room for other organizational upgrades.

5. Invest in Mini Containers

Sometimes the smallest objects cause the most clutter. Mini containers could be a significant investment for your remodeling projects because they remove that problem. Get containers that hold your pens, highlighters, and paperclips. Look for colors and shapes that work for your desk space or fit on nearby surfaces like a shelf.

6. Find a Label Maker

You may have created an organizational system when you started working from home, but then you got busy. Time can make people forget what they planned for a room’s functionality, so find a label maker. Labels on hanging file folders, binder tabs, and storage boxes will remind you how to use each tool.

After it helps organize your home office, use it around the house to clean up other messes like the inside of your pantry or attic storage.

7. Use Your Wall Space

Walls can do more than hold your favorite pictures. You can also hang office supplies so the room feels and looks bigger. Hang your monthly or daily calendar instead of letting it sit on your desk. Use a whiteboard on a wall to keep track of your to-do list and eliminate sticky notes that create visual clutter.

Think about what you use most often to figure out the best ways to utilize empty wall space.

8. Upgrade Your Office Chair

Productivity requires focus, but you can’t focus on your work if you’re uncomfortable. Your desk chair could be the most significant source of distracting pain. The old cushion may have flattened against broken springs. It may not have the proper shape to support your lower back throughout the day. Does it have armrests so you can take pressure off your spine?

Upgrading your office chair is an immediate improvement that helps your comfort and improves your productivity. See which models are available in local stores or buy one online. Your investment will last for years if you get a high-quality chair with great reviews.

9. Manage Your Cables

Desktop monitors and charging stations are essential office supplies, but they can become the bulk of your disorganization. Loose or tangled cords make desks uninviting. No one should work in a nest of electronics, so manage your cables with cord clips or ties.

It may not seem like the biggest change you could make, but it’s a significant help. You’ll feel like you have more space to breathe and work, leading to more productive workdays.

10. Schedule Time to Clean

Even the most organized person in the world will still make a mess in their office. You can’t help that mealtimes, brainstorming sessions, and other responsibilities create trash or loose supplies. Eventually, you’ll have to clean your office again. It’s tempting to put off the work and do more pressing jobs around the house, so schedule time to clean.

Finding time for office cleaning prioritizes your organization. Set 15 minutes aside each week on the same day and at the same time so it becomes a habit. You’ll reserve the time before your weekly schedule fills up and rarely become swamped with clutter.

Remodel Your Home Office

There are always ways to make your workspace a better place to spend time every week. Use these 10 steps to remodel your home office to stay organized and productive, even when your schedule gets crazy. Simple steps like getting more functional furniture, labeling containers, and reserving time to clean will transform your office into an enjoyable environment.

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