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Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Topic: "Improving Energy Efficiency In New Buildings".

Requirements: 500 Word Essay

How to Enter: Send your essay to by December 30, 2016. 

Eligibility: Must be a High School Senior or College student attending a 2–year College or 4–year University during the Fall Semester of 2016

Advanced Builders & Contractors is proud to announce our 2016 Green Energy Scholarship. We created this scholarship program because we believe that the intelligent, passionate students of today can become the energy–efficiency leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to using energy–efficient building methods for new construction and helping our customers to achieve a sustainable design. We look forward to seeing how future generations help to transform this area of design and construction into something even greater. 

This scholarship aims to help deserving students follow through with their educational goals, particularly those who demonstrate interest in the area of environmental conservation and green building. Your writing should show an understanding of the challenges of green building and the potential for the widespread use of energy–efficient systems in new buildings.

The scholarship program is open to current and enrolled college and university students, as well as high school seniors who plan to attend an accredited college for the Spring, 2017 semester. One $500 scholarship is available, and they will be awarded to student who demonstrate careful research and communicate thoughtful solutions to the topic of "Improving Energy Efficiency in New Buildings."

To enter, submit a 500–word essay on any aspect of energy efficiency in new construction. Why is this topic important? What innovations are the most helpful for builders as they approach construction in a greener manner? Why should developers and new homeowners concern themselves with energy–efficient home design? Any of these questions may be considered in your essay.

Selected recipients will meet all of the qualifications detailed here. We look forward to reading your entries and seeing what the next generation of builders, remodelers (bothbathroom remodelers and kitchen remodelers), engineers, designers, and critical thinkers have to contribute to the industry.

Disclaimer:  The deadline to submit an essay is December 30, 2016 . Essays will be read and evaluated by Advanced Builders & Contractors and the winner will be selected by January 30, 2017. The winner will be contacted via email and phone. When you submit your essay, please ensure your phone number and email address are visible. The scholarship money will be mailed directly to your university for processing on January 30, 2017 and the money must be used for tuition, room and board or textbooks. This is a one year scholarship, and will not renew each year. In order to be eligible, you must write an essay on the topic, "Improving Energy Efficiency In New Buildings". In order for a winner to be selected, we must have a minimum of 5 qualified applicants. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Advanced Builders & Contractors by email at