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Planning on Building a New Home?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 by Nick Cohen

Setting out on building a new home is an exciting and intimidating adventure. If you’re considering taking this path, you’re probably filled with both excitement and anxiety: there will be stressful months ahead, and there isn’t any way to eliminate all of the stress.

However, you can eliminate most of it—as much as possible—with proper planning and the right contractor working on your project. We’ll look at what you can do at the beginning of this new adventure to thrilling, not terrifying.

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Considerations for Building A New Home

  • Look for an “under one roof” contractor: What does this mean? It means you should try to reduce the number of different contractors you will need to deal with during your home construction. The more contractors involved, the more chance of misunderstandings and miscommunications that will lead to delays, cost overruns, and of course, extra stress for you. Look for a comprehensive new construction service that has architects, engineers, and builders under one company roof.
  • Find a contractor with advanced design technology: One of the best ways to relieve your tension about the project is if you can have it realized long before the construction work actually begins. This means computer-aided design that goes beyond standard blueprints. Work with a designer who will provide you the best sense ahead of time as to what the final product will look like. (Which will also help you keep the project within your set budget and remove concerns about cost overruns.)
  • Let someone else sweat “the small stuff”: Since you are most likely not involved in the new construction business yourself, there will be many aspects of building a new house that you won’t have yet considered. We can’t list all of them here, but we shouldn’t need to: taking care of all the things you haven’t thought of is the job of a quality construction company. There are issues of insulation, energy efficiency, electrical hook-ups, water pressure for the plumbing, and the many different local permits…. If you find the right contractor, all this “small stuff” that can drain away the joy of designing your own home will rest in the hands the people who can best take care of it.

You can see how important it is to hire the right contractor for the job. Advanced Builders & Contractors combines all the tasks necessary for ideal new home construction. We take care of the designing and building, the engineering, and all the red tape problems that might get in the way. With our talented and experienced home builders in Hollywood Hills, CA, you will experience the thrill of the adventure of building a new home with few of the perils.

3 Types of Sinks to Consider for Bathroom Remodeling

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 by Nick Cohen

The sink is a functional object in a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull one. When remodeling a bathroom, you should consider a complete sink replacement to add to the appearance of the room. You can opt for standard under-mount or top-mount sink with new cabinet and countertop material to freshen the space. Or, you could choose to go with a non-conventional sink designs. We’ve listed three popular alternatives to the common sinks you see in most modern homes. One of these may offer you the décor boost your remodel needs.

Call Advanced Builders & Contractors for the complete package when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. We handle the architectural planning and the actual construction under one company roof, saving you time and hassle dealing with multiple contractors. Our designers work with you to come up with the remodel that fits with your vision of your future bathroom.

1. Wall-mounted sinks

Wall-mounted sinks don’t need much description: it’s right in their name. They take up much less space than sinks mounted on counters or cabinets, but they allow easy use of the empty floor space beneath (more than pedestal sinks), and people often like to place baskets and attractive bins in this area. Wall-mounted sinks work very well for bathrooms that don’t receive as much regular use, making them ideal for guest rooms. Wall-mounted sinks can also be built into corners for the maximum efficient use of space.

2. Pedestal sinks

There is an elegant Victorian aura to free-standing pedestal sinks, and they are often used as a design choice rather than as a purely functional choice. They lack storage, and the pedestal prohibits much use of the floor space. (You will definitely want a medicine cabinet installed above a pedestal sink if it’s located in a personal bathroom.) However, pedestal sinks are winners when it comes to appearance: they add old-world class to any bathroom, and the many options for their appearance give them a flexibility that enhances any type of remodel imaginable. Plus, they are easy to clean.

3. Vessel sinks

This sink style has become trendy within the last decade. Vessel sinks are designed to look like a bowl on top of a cabinet or table set beneath a wall-mounted faucet. However, the vessel is actually built into the countertop and drains the water down through a standard drainpipe. Vessel sinks can have cabinet storage space beneath them, or use an open area. These sinks come in a dazzling variety of styles and materials, and are among the most visually eye-catching fixtures you can have installed in a bathroom.

When you work with Advanced Builders & Contractors, you’ll have experts in bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA assisting you with selecting a new sink that will not only look fantastic, but also function ideally for the room. Let us guide you through your remodel, from the first ideas to the final product.

Popular Options for Kitchen Remodeling

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 by Nick Cohen

Kitchen remodeling can be a dream come true, transforming a problematic or dull kitchen into the beautiful space you always wanted. Kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles can be performed by a number of qualified companies, and while you must always temper your ambitions with the limits of budgets and space, most qualified companies can provide you with a wealth of new possibilities. You hold the ultimate control over how your new kitchen looks, but here are some popular options for kitchen remodeling that you may want to consider.

  • New cabinets and surfaces. By far the most common (and straightforward) remodeling is a simple change in the scenery. That can mean exchanging your old countertops for something sturdier and/or more aesthetically pleasing, as well as resurfacing – or flat-out replacing – your old cabinets. These actually rank as some of the less expensive remodeling options, since you don’t need to move any gas line or electrical lines to make them happen.
  • New additions. New additions can include upgraded stove tops, the insertion of islands in the middle of the kitchen and even a second sink or similar appliance. They usually serve more of a practical effect than an aesthetic one – making your kitchen more useful – though a good contractor will ensure that they blend seamlessly with the look of the remainder of the kitchen.
  • New renovations. New renovations aren’t so much additions as they are updated versions of traditional appliances. For example, you might replace an old oven with a more energy efficient model, or install a new sink with an extendable faucet head to help with the dishes. Renovations don’t require the same logistical reorganizing that new additions do, though you still may need to alter your gas, water or electric lines to accommodate any new demands from the renovation.

To discuss these and other popular options for your kitchen, call the professionals at Advanced Builders & Contractors. We handle all kinds of kitchen remodeling projects in Los Angeles and we’re dedicated to making yours everything you could hope for. Call us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

3 Factors to Consider with Room Additions

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 by Nick Cohen

Adding a room to a house is a great way not only to create a more spacious home, but also allows you to add a personal touch onto a house that you did not design or build yourself. You can make a customized space that meets your individual needs and meshes with your lifestyle.

A room addition is a large project: not on the scale a new home construction, but nonetheless one that takes considerable planning. To assist with this planning and to make it less stressful, bring in a contractor for your room addition who can work on all stages of the project, from early designs concepts to the last touches hooking the space to the electrical system. Advanced Builders & Contractors has 26 years of experience with room additions in Los Angeles, CA, and we can bring together all the factors involved in the job so you end up with the new space of your dreams.

Take into account these 3 factors for your room addition

  1. Market value: Once you know the type of room you wish to build, research your area to find out about the market value of homes that have had similar additions. This will help you establish you budget, since it’s wise to keep your costs for the addition in line with how much the addition will increase the home’s value. As with many steps of a home addition, you should take a long view approach.
  2. Size and scale: There are more budget steps to consider (consult with your contractor for most of them), and part of the budgeting rests on how large the new room is and its scale relative to the rest of your home. Many first-timers with room additions opt to go bigger than they should, both for their actual needs and for the good of the rest of the home: they could end up with a drafty space and a design that doesn’t fit with the existing home. You need a skilled designer to help you match the size and look of your new addition to your home.
  3. Timetable: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your new room won’t be either. Establish with your contractor how long each stage of construction will take, and which ones will require you to take extra steps for the comfort of your family to minimize the disruptions. You can work with the contractor to design a calendar that will fit with your other plans.

Advanced Builders & Contractors combines architecture and construction in one company so you can have all the necessary assistance from the beginning of your journey toward an expansion for your house. We’ll help you weave everything together so the work will progress smoothly, the designs look beautiful, and the room complete on schedule. Call us today to talk about room additions in Los Angeles, CA.